We buy and sell instruments of all kinds. Take a look at the Instruments we sell and remember we carry a full array of other cool stuff for musicians. We also will buy your unwanted gear.

Mike's Music also offers professional repair services on all instruments.

Instruments We Sell

There's really too much stuff to list. If you're looking for something, just give us a ring (410.465.0700) and if we don't have it, we'll do our best to get it and beat everyone else's price too! Some of the brands we carry are listed below.

ludwigPI SeagullPI RolandPI
fenderPI GodinPI BossPI
PRSPI AlverezPI VicFirthPI
VoodooPI DaisyRockPI promarkPI
SquierPI DRPI elixirPI
PriviaPI MartinPI KyserPI
LanikaiPI remoPI ricoPI
daddarioPI ErnieBallPI shurePI
korgPI MonsterPI OnStagePI
casioPI VandorenPI FenderAccess



Instrument Repair

We offer guitar repairs by luthier, Lee Hirschmann. Lee doesn't only fix it if it's broken, he can also make your working guitar play a million times better than you ever thought it could.guitar-repair

We also offer repairs on all band and orchestra instruments through Menchey Music. Menchey has highly qualified technicians, very reasonable rates, and a super-fast turnaround time. Just drop it off with us and it's usually back within 1 week.

We Buy Instruments

WeBuyGuitarsBigWe buy (and sell once in a while) used instruments, amps, effects, keyboards…

Actually, we'll buy just about anything if we can make a little money
and we feel that it's an item we'll be able to sell.





Instrument Rentals

We are a proud affiliate of Menchey Music for all of our school instrument rentals.

altosax frenchhorn trumpet1
trombone1 oboe uprightbass
cello flute1 violin
clarinet tenorsaz viola

We've checked our competitors and have found our rates to be the best around. Please call or stop by our store to discuss your needs.

Take private lessons to become the best in your class!

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